You will be surprised how much this cup cake will taste like root beer.

Step 1: Ingredients for Cupcake

2 ½ Cups of Root Beer *If you can find Root Beer Schnapps use 1 Cup of Schnapps and 1 ½ Cups of Root Beer
1 Small Bottle of Root Beer Flavor *I found this at a Bulk Barn
2 Tsp. Vanilla Extract
2 Cups Dark Brown Sugar
1 Cup Unsalted Butter
2 Large Eggs
3 Cups Flour
1 Tbsp. Baking Powder
2 tsp. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Salt
½ Cup left over Root Beer

what were the measurements of the rootbeer extract you used?
I don't remember exactly what size of the bottle, but I used approx. 1 tsp in total

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