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Introduction: Root Beer Float Epsicles

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This is a simple twist on an all-time favorite - Root Beer Floats! You only need a few ingredients and a popsicle mold. If you're wondering why I named these Epsicles - there is a reason! I'm nerdy and decided to research the history of popsicles and discovered that they were invented by an 11-year old boy in 1905! His name was Frank Epperson and he was mixing a little soda water powder one night - which was popular back then - and left it out on his porch. By morning he discovered his frozen treat - he eventually named them Epsicles, however his kids convinced him years later to change it to popsicles! So these are a tribute to Frank Epperson and his amazing invention! You can see an image of him here. He passed away in 1983.

  • Root Beer (we have Sprecher's Root Beer which is the best - made in Wisconsin)
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Popsicle Mold (anything will work - I linked to Amazon where I purchased mine)
This is very simple. Just pour a little root beer in the bottom of the popsicle molds. Then, use a spoon to scoop out a small amount of ice cream and put it in each of the molds. If it fizzes too much, you can skim that off and discard it. Then add a little more root beer and a little more ice cream and repeat. Then, put in your freezer and take it out a while later to enjoy it!

The best part of these are when you hit the ice cream spots! Yum! A great way to savor a Root Beer Float as a Root Beer Float-sicle!

We also used a mini-mold I had on hand to make smaller versions of it!

*Sadly we are now lactose intolerant but loved these so much when we could enjoy them!

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    Thanks so much! :)

    Thanks Tarun :) The contests are always fun to be a part of!

    nice... how do you take them out from the molds...? are the molds in two parts or you just twist them out..?

    2 replies

    Hi Antoniraj - you can pull the mold off by sort of peeling it back.

    thanks.. I think the molds are made of food-grade silicon rubber or some such material

    I really like the ice pop moulds - where do you get them?

    1 reply

    Sorry I just updated the ingredients list with a link to the amazon page where I bought it!

    Be darned if i am going to discard the part when it fizzes too much, that is the second best part, scoop it off and eat it then. Thanks, great Instructable

    1 reply

    I love your molds. Where did you get them or who makes them?

    1 reply

    Hi there - I just updated the ingredients with a link to amazon where I bought the molds. Sorry for the late reply!

    And I was wondering just how you put the impressive twists in them! ;)

    This would be great made with orange soda, too. Orangecicles!

    1 reply

    Hi Nanaverm - I bought the molds on amazon and just updated the ingredients list to include the link to that! :) Orangecicles or creamsicles would be great!

    (In voice of Homer Simpson) Mmmmmmm.... Sprecher......

    Lovely!... It's pretty hot here 75% of the year ;-)

    Epsicle. Awesome.
    Mann-sicle? Another home run. You are the greatest- my favorite Instructabl-eer. The next Scoochmaroo. V'd, F'd.