During the cold winter months a hearty soup is the perfect thing to combat the cold air outside. This soup is made with the roots of seasonal vegetables and takes the chill off those cold winter months.

Roots are an important part of seasonal eating during the winter months, when they are ripe and at their most flavorful. This Vegetarian soup is hearty and comforting as well as versatile. It can be made vegan by using oil instead of butter, and becomes a hearty meal for meat eaters with some sliced up sausage on top or a garnish of bacon.

Step 1: Brown Butter, Oh How I Love Thee!

Browning butter is an important part of developing depth of flavor in this recipe. To brown butter keep a watchful eye on your pot to ensure the butter isn’t burning. Also be ready with the next ingredient to cool the pot down. Finally make sure you cook your butter at a lower temperature in order to ensure the butter is not scorched.

In this photo you can see the butter is getting too hot, starting to smoke and black bits are forming in the bottom. This is about a minute too late for this butter that will now have a slightly burnt flavor instead of the deep nutty flavor we are looking for.

This recipe requires 1 tablespoon of browned butter.

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