Root Any Phone in Under 10 Seconds Without Bricking


Introduction: Root Any Phone in Under 10 Seconds Without Bricking

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Follow the instructions.

İt looks pretty promising and i dont think that it would brick any phone.

Tested on my Samsung S Duos (GT-S7562)


Any damage done on your phone is not my responsability. These procedures may void your warrenty.

Use at your own risk.

Step 1: Download UnlockRoot Pro 4.10

Download attached

Don't worry, theres no virus.

Step 2: İnstall

İnstall downloaded .exe

Be patient

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging

Step 4: Download Device Drivers

İf you use samsung just download Samsung kies.

İf not download it from your phone make's official website.

Step 5: Launch UnlockRoot Pro and Enter Serial Number


Just copy and paste. İf doesn't work just enter it yourself.

And then just hit "Go"

Step 6: Connect Your Phone to PC

Basicly connect your phone.

İt doesnt matter if is on or off.

Step 7: Select Phone

Step 8: Click Root.


Your phone reboot and it will be rooted.

You can download root checker and see if it works.

İf doesnt just leave a comment.



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    Download root document there a new one or working one (no spam bots please)

    You can't root any device in 10 seconds. The fastest record I ever rooted for a phone is 5 minutes with AnyRooter. 10 minutes is the right time frame to root a phone. thanks

    what do u mean by serial number?

    ok so i had to upgrade the firmware. that is completed. it's now saying download root document failed. am i doing something wrong or is my phone just not compatible

    İ never bumped in that type of error.

    What model phone do you have?
    Have you opened USB debugging?

    We can bet there are thousands of phones which cannot be rooted this method..

    1 reply

    i hear you
    i just got a brand new phone called Casper Via V3 (casper awknolages of its existance, but is a very rare phone), cant download drivers, cant root easily, cant be rooted with unlockrootpro.