Step 11: Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag.

Picture of Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag.
This will keep the cuttings from drying out. You don't want them to be too moist, though, so remove the bag for 15 minutes every day. If you can't, poke some holes in the bag so that air can circulate.
dorianbakx5 years ago
i use to grow my cuttings exactly like this, exept that for a pot i use a 5" common pot and about 6 to 7 inches of a plastic coke soda for the effect of humidity. I do a "dome with the heads of 2 litter soda bottles and discard the screw cap to let air in, and, im from Puerto Rico wich is very moist and hot but i had enough dead cuttings trying it the "conventional" just in soil method. My cutting strikes increased by 100 fold!! Great article indeed. :)
3 thriving cutting in dome.jpg
Simpson_jr6 years ago
Slightly warm room, enough but not too much light. Direct sunlight is not a good idea. I do disagree a little with SFHandyman, I've found it nearly impossible to clone some plants without... terratorium. Type of plant/location (Netherlands) are probably be the cause. One other thing I found very helpfull is giving cutlings light for 24/7. I've noticed that A fluorescent light, placed 6 inches above the cutlings can decrease the time needed to grow enough roots by 3-5 days. In my case that often saves a lot of cutlings since I need a very high humidity which in return increases... the possibility of rotting.
Hello, do have any advice where to kep the pot while the cuttings are rooting? Dark and cool or sunny and warm or maybe light and tepid?! thanks.