Picture of Rope Handgrip for Hiking Stick
I was looking for a hand grip for my hiking stick which would not be expensive ad also would work well rain or shine.   The leather grips are nice, but sweaty hands or rain make them slippery.

The bonus here is you have a long rope to use in an emergency.

The length of the rope you use is going to depend on the width of your hiking stick and the length of the hand grip you create.

Step 1:

Picture of

Determine where the rope hand grip will start and end.   
(Labeling is not necessary - it's just been used for illustration purposes.)


Thank you for posting this idea. I like it....The only thing I would add is that I would pound the center line cord flat with a hammer before you whip over it. Then use Barge glue to lay the center line or rope lines in. Use Barge glue around the whole handle as you lay the rope in. The pieces you see in the images were completed several days ago for sale in a store. Forestry permit cut standing dead wood aspen saplings.

IMG_5255 (2).JPGIMG_5260 (2).JPG
wrobe9994 years ago
Very nicely done. On mine, which I made long before I ever heard of this website, I did not make a loop at the end. Instead, I left a length of cord and added a bead to represent each of my scouts. It has been a treasured memento of my leader days. I also put in a bolt in the top end to fit my camera to use as a monopod. Both ends are covered with rubber feet from a walker.
Thanks! I posted it because I had quite a few Scout parents asking how I made mine. I prefer it over the leather handgrips they sell at the store, And, I like the loop because I can hang it to keep it from falling. Also, I can clip on a carabiner to attach stuff if I need to.
itslisa itslisa4 years ago
oops -- guess I replied as my alter ego!
l8nite5 years ago
 I did pretty much the same thing but using recycled twine from haybales. I didn't think about adding a loop though, I'll have to remember that for the next one....  nice ible
bearmitzvah (author)  l8nite5 years ago
Any idea what I did wrong in the steps?    Why is all the junk there?

(Yeah - it's my first Instructable)
You didn't do anything.  If you click on the individual steps, you'll see that your text is there, just as you'd expect.  This appears to be a problem with the I'bles server.