Rope Handles on My Tools





Introduction: Rope Handles on My Tools

I knoted rope on my hand tools

Step 1: This Is Not a Instructable

This is not technically a instructable due to the fact that there is no instructions. I just wanted to show off my handywork but i will try to explain the process so here we go

Step 2: My Source Material

well i like knoting i find it to be a intertaning hobby to past time plus i used to be a sailor so i love the nautical look . i used nylon twisted cord of different thickness. ( i personally dont like paracord) but this could be achieved with any rope really

Step 3: The Center Punchs

on one punch i used fender hitch with the needle and caped it off with a turks head . on the next was a 3strand running cckscombing caped off by turks heads

Step 4: The Chisels

on one chisel i used a round turn stitch with a needle . on the other one i used overhand gaffting and caped it oof with a turkes head

Step 5: The Wire Cutters L

on the wire cutters i used a continuous square knot but on youtube were i found how to do it it was also referred to a solomon bar

Step 6: The Screw Driver

the screwdriver was a turks head with a thicker cord

Step 7: The Crimper

now on the crimper i did not look up a knot i just did a continuous granny knot dont know if theres a different name for it but i like the spiraling look

Step 8: The Needle Nose

on the needle nose i used a right crown sniet

Step 9: The Close

when i was done with each tool i painted it and sprayed it with wood lacquer to seal and protect for longevity. .like i mentioned the is not a instuctable but i wanted to share .this was the start and i have i lot more tools to go .thanks for your time

Step 10: The Crecent Wrench and Striker

this is a late entry that looks cool hanging on my belt the wrench was made with the ring bolt knot . the striker is square knots continuesly tyed aka a solomon bar

Step 11: Random Me

some pics at the yard lets support american industry thank you



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    Interesting idea. Can you recomend any source on knoting on the internet?

    you tube (tiat) tie it all together has great tutorials

    thanks for the compliment . but yes most of my knots came from the book (the marlinespike sailor ) .but something else is do is youtube its very useful .and thanks again

    Nice work. I bet that really helps with the chisels especially.

    The continuous half-hitches that spiral are known as French hitching or Chinese staircase. It may have other names also, but those are the names I see most often.

    Nice work. I really dig knots and rope work. I'd probably do the handles on some of my tools but I don't know the weaves/stitches. Were the patterns you used mostly found in "The Marlinspike Sailor"? I might get myself a copy.