I needed to remove some tree limbs that were touching my roof, about 25-30 feet up, no extension ladder. You can buy a rope saw... $40-$50 :-(

I used what I had lying around, you can improvise.

- Chain saw chain (old, you're going to be cutting it) sharp
- 60 ft or so of rope, I used 1/4 in nylon
- S hooks (2)
- metal coat hanger (or similar heavy wire)
- handles, 6 in, broom handle or something (2)
- electrical tape

- Dremmel
- Vice-grips
- Vice

Step 1: Get Your Chain.

I think I used a 16 or 18 inch
<p>Worked with a friend who made one of these today. He took down several 4-5&quot; limbs and it worked great. <br>He modified the design slightly, adding cheap caribiners and wiring them directly to the blade. This allowed him the attach and remove the ropes easily.</p>
Thanks for the idea. I just built one of these and took down a 8&quot; diameter branch at 15-20' high. Brilliant!
Hand saw is better
very good <br>
I have one of these I made years ago. Having a welder I'm spoiled but I split steel rings and welded them for the ends. Still great idea working within your means and getting the project done.
Clever idea.

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