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Introduction: Rope Saw

I needed to remove some tree limbs that were touching my roof, about 25-30 feet up, no extension ladder. You can buy a rope saw... $40-$50 :-(

I used what I had lying around, you can improvise.

- Chain saw chain (old, you're going to be cutting it) sharp
- 60 ft or so of rope, I used 1/4 in nylon
- S hooks (2)
- metal coat hanger (or similar heavy wire)
- handles, 6 in, broom handle or something (2)
- electrical tape

- Dremmel
- Vice-grips
- Vice

Step 1: Get Your Chain.

I think I used a 16 or 18 inch

Step 2: Cut the Chain

It doesn't really matter where.

Step 3: Grinding

I cut off the last two cutting teeth on either end, so the wouldn't cut things and catch on stuff.

I also cut down a couple drive teeth, so the chain will fold over.

Step 4: S Hooks

Bend your S hooks closed and feed the chain through (might want to do those in the opposite order)

Step 5: Secure the Ends

I used a wire coat hanger, cause that's what I had, it worked pretty well. The Vice-grips helped a lot here.

Step 6: Rope

I used 60 feet, I wanted to reach some specific branches. This gave me a reach of 30 feet.

Step 7: Knots

Use your fancy boy scout skills!

and tape up the ends of the chain.

Step 8: Handles

Ultimately, I found these to not be that useful. Unless you are at the max hight, you won't use them.

Step 9: You Are Done!

After trying to get the end up over the branch, I made an accessory.

A weight on a small string, for throwing.
Also, look at which way the teeth are going, that will be the side you pull to cut. I marked the handles "cut" and "throw".

Step 10: Tip

You might need to pull back and twist the rope a little to flip the blade.

I'll be honest, this thing worked way better than I though it would!

Step 11: Oh.. and Be Careful!!

That suckered is sharp... And it's a chain saw blade on the end of some rope... Not the safest thin ever!

And don't stand right under the tree.... That's why we made the ropes longer :-)



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    6 Discussions

    Worked with a friend who made one of these today. He took down several 4-5" limbs and it worked great.
    He modified the design slightly, adding cheap caribiners and wiring them directly to the blade. This allowed him the attach and remove the ropes easily.

    Thanks for the idea. I just built one of these and took down a 8" diameter branch at 15-20' high. Brilliant!

    I have one of these I made years ago. Having a welder I'm spoiled but I split steel rings and welded them for the ends. Still great idea working within your means and getting the project done.