Rope and Tassel Bangles





Introduction: Rope and Tassel Bangles

Make these colorful bangles in any size with my "secret" ingredient! Use old fabric scraps and embroidery thread from the dollar store!

Step 1: Watch the Short Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Polypropylene rope


Colorful embroidery floss

Metallic gold embroidery floss

Glue gun

1" bias cut fabric strips

Large needle Scissor

Step 3: Make the Base

Cut the rope to fit around your hand

Melt the ends together over a candle

*You want to do this outside

Hot glue a strip of fabric to the bangle and begin wrapping

Tie or glue embroider floss to the bangle and wrap

*Criss-cross and create a random pattern with the floss

Secure the end of the floss with more hot glue or a knot

Step 4: Finish It With a Tassel.....

Tie 10" of floss in the center of a full skein of embroidery floss

Fold the skein in half and create the neck with metallic floss by wrapping in both direction and then tying a knot

Trim the ends of the tassel

Tie the tassel to the bangle

Using a large needle, thread the loose ends through the center of the tassel and trim



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I can't access the video but love your pictures they are really clear and show the process well I can prob make them without the words so great!

That's weird. Try this link:

Good project for kids! I love the colors, too.