Carrying It on Your Back





Introduction: Carrying It on Your Back

Put the bundle of rope on your back.

Each free end then goes under your armpits, before crossing behind you, over the rope bundle... This will prevent the rope from bouncing around as you're walking.
Finally, the free ends are tied together at your waist (over your stomach) using a reef knot.



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    Thanks for posting this. I used to know how to do it. Now I do again.

    dude, u need more music lol, all your vids have the same docile-toned song. ~not hatin'

    The only thing not said in the instructions is that the rope is doubled before starting. It's only noticable if you look closely at the video or the pictures.

    i thought you would be able to put stuff in it... D: but where does all your climbing stuff go?

    on your climbing harness... However, traditionally, mountaineers only carried a rope, and no gear...

    Hunh? That's silly, and I'm a 'trad' climber. I use a mountaineers coil all the time. One climber carries the rope (and maybe a small amount of gear.) The other climber carries the bulk of the gear. Sport climbers might carry the gear on their harness. But trad climbers usually use a gear sling. You might only have a fanny pack for water, etc. on the climb, but you most likely had one backpack for the gear. If the descent and walk off are not where you started, then the 'second' carries the backpack on the climb.

    hehe i need to go climbing with you then hehe i usually have to carry at least one of the ropes (we usually go with 2 ....mmmmm twins!)and at a bare minimum half the gear in a backpack while my buddy carries the other half of the gear...and one of the ropes if i'm not carrying both we either have a rope bag (nice) or we use the "butterfly coil" (never heard it called that....always mountaineers coil)...if we use that method then i just tie the rope around my backpack as if i were tying it around myself...alot less cumbersom

    Sure, I'll carry the gear ;) Twin ropes, eh? Never used 'em but I bet two twins (8 or 9's) weigh more than a single rope.. To be honest, I always called this one the mountaineers coil, too. Guess I learned something. Don't have any photos of someone humping a rack, so instead, here's one of the guys just sorting gear. (So much for not carrying gear.) Sure wouldn't want to carry 10 or 15 cams on my harness for 5 miles, jabbing me behind the knees every step.


    hehe indeed especially the #6 BD camalot....that things the size of a chihuahua (but it comes in handy) twins are actually lighter...i believe the twins we've got ar 8's or 7's....technically designed for ice climbing (waterproof core etc...) they definitely feel alot lighter than the 11mm PMI that we use on quick trips

    You laugh..I've got the old #5, from before they dumped the 1/2 sizes. People love that cam, but nobody wants to carry it. If you have it and don't use it, you're miserable. If you don't have it and need it, you're miserable and very scared ;) .

    I wanna try twins or halves for ice. Sure must make rapping easier.