Rorschach Wall Frame





Introduction: Rorschach Wall Frame

Hi everyone this a quick instructructable for you. Make a RORSCHACH WALL FRAME with a Black Silicon and Old Wall Frame.

Step 1: Tools & Materials

for this project only you need:

  1. White A4 Sheets
  2. Black Silicone
  3. Small Syringe
  4. Old Wall Frame

Note: White sheets it depends on the frame size.

Step 2: Sheet Preparation and Silicone Application

  • Smooth BLEND one o more sheets in the middle (landscape)
  • APPLY the Silicone with the Syringe (don't worry about the pattern form), don't try to make a a defined design)
  • MAKE one or some of them

Step 3: Create Your Own Ramdom Design

  • BLEND again the sheet
  • With a Credit Card DRAG in all directions the silicone through the sheet

Step 4: Discover Your Rorschach

  • Carefully SEPARATE the blend sheet
  • DISCOVER your Rorschach

Step 5: Mount in the Frame & Put in the Right Place

  • MOUNT your new Cool Frame

Why Silicone?

Because a printed Internet Rorschach is too easy for me. I really love the Silicone Pattern.

Step 6: What Do You See?


"I see Two Mad Elephants Face to Face".




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Questions & Answers


My wife is a psychologist, she's gonna love it, she loves Rorschach!

where can you get black silicon?