Rose Cake Pops

Picture of Rose Cake Pops
After looking at a few different instructables on making roses for decorating cakes, i decided it would look cool if a cake pop was a made to look like a rose. 

cake mix
melting chocolate or fondant
cake pop sticks
cake pop pan
mixing bowl
added ingredients for cake mix (water, oil, eggs)
measuring cup
corn syrup
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Step 1:

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mix up the cake batter but only use half of the measurement for each ingredient. This will make the cake stay together better. Example: if it says 1 cup water, use 1/2 cup water.

Step 2:

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cake pop pan.JPG
Grease the both sides of the cake pop pan. Put enough cake batter in each spot to almost fill it. Put the top pan on and bake at the temperature on the cake mix box.

Step 3:

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Wait until the pan is cool and carefully pull the pans apart.

Step 4:

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To make the rose petals melt 12 ounces of melting chocolate. When it is completely melted add 1/3 cup corn syrup. Let it cool.

Step 5:

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Make a small rectangle out of the melted chocolate. Put one edge in the center of the cake pop and wrap the rest around to make the center.

Step 6:

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Make a larger rectangle shape and make the top edge wavy for petals. Wrap the piece around the cake pop. Repeat this step until the cake pop is covered in petals. Curl the petals down to make them more realistic. Add a piece of melting chocolate to the bottom of the cake pop if the petals don't cover it. Let the roses cool and harden a little before putting them on a stick.
The rose looks great!!!
Oooh, so beautiful and delicious! Wonderful job on the rose!