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Roses, just roses - a memory of Summer. I can proudly say it's one of my best works.
Front, close-up and top view.
Organza ribbons, glass and plastic beads on turned and painted wooden base.


farida (author)2008-10-10

you do beautiful work, and I was wondering if you teach or have online tutorials; I have quilled around eggs and bead netted around them; I think it is time for me to learn something new

dragon-taurus (author)farida2008-10-11

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately I don't have onlune tutorials, and, besides I don't make two similar eggs, all my works differ... And I don't usually even know, what my new egg will look like )

rookie1 (author)2008-10-06

Very good. Very imaginative. Beautiful.

dragon-taurus (author)rookie12008-10-06

Thank you! )

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