Rose Treat- to Beat Over Thirst


Introduction: Rose Treat- to Beat Over Thirst

This rose treat is to beat over thisrt and heat with only 3 ingredients.

Step 1:

Ingredients required:
1.Dried rose petals powder-30gms
3.Jaggery alum-125gms

Step 2:

Taking water and rose powder in a bowl.

Step 3:

Boil on a low flame till half water evaporates.Stirring occasionally.

Step 4:

Adding jaggery alum and after dissloving, filtering the solution using a cotton fabric.

Step 5:

Boiling till it becomes thick solution.

Step 6:

Take half spoon of thick solution and a small glass of water. Mixing them well in a container

Step 7:

Transfer them into serving bowl or mould.

Step 8:

Sending them into freezer.

Step 9:

Take it from freezer and demoulding it or serving it directly if frozen in serving bowl.

Step 10:

Now Rose treat to kill over thirst and summer is ready to serve.



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    got lots of Damascus roses at home.. will make rose petal powder and then try this

    2 replies

    Try to serve this when you are so thirsty. So you can get the wholesome benefit which is already tried and benefited by me:). And all these ingredients and procedure is too good for health during summer according to Ayurveda too.

    Oh.That's very nice.Let us know how you have felt after making.

    We should collect roses from flower market or from the garden if available and take petals from them. We should dry them and make powder from that dried petals.This powder can be stored and used when ever necessary.

    Cool! thanks! I thought I have to buy them! More fun if you have to make them by yourself!