Step 9: Mounting the Heart on the Wood

We are now going to mount the heart on the wood. In principle, we could glue the heart onto the wood just by freezing it on. However, we want the rose not to fall off the board even when the ice has melted, therefore we will fix the rose using a nail.

For this, mark the position on the board where the bottom side of the rose will later touch the board using a pencil, and then drive a nail from below through the board and through this mark. I used a nail that protruded approximately 15mm from the board.

In order to give the heart a firmer hold on the board, we will use both the nail and frozen water to attach it. For this, slightly warm up the underside of the heart with your hands (no gloves this time) so that it gets wet. Then impale the heart on the nail (such that the nail pierces the bottom side of the rose), and force it down until the base of the heart touches the wooden board. It helps to turns the heart while pushing.

Now the present is ready. But the next step is nevertheless the most important one.
I love this post! What a creative labor of love! I am employed as an ice carver/sculptor and can answer some of your questions. When we make blocks of ice, we put a pump in the machines. This circulates air and impurities, preventing them from settling, and freezing in which "clouds" the ice. You were exactly right about that! As far as tools, if you're looking for something you might have around the shop, try some chisels. The sharper the better, and you can finish with your rasps or a coarse grit (coarse as you can get) sand paper. Again, beautiful project, and I hope it was well appreciated!
The only problem with this is that next year you have to top it
So many tools are needed.
Oh man, this is a great idea and a good opportunity to dust down my carpentry tools. By the way I found this on our website, Pinspire.de. Weäre a young startup from Berlin and don't want to step on anyone's toes. If you'd like a link to our website please contact me at nick@pinspire.de. Cheers!
You could make a quick silicone mold of a heart you have found or made already the size you need. Then instead of using a bowl just dangle your rose centered in your silicone mold. Fill with water and place in freezer. Can be done really quickly.
Do you think it might be possible for it to bloom after you've frozen it, cause that would be wicked. The ice cold heart melting, then a blooming rose comes out. I wouldn't mind it being black as much if it could do that...
when water freezes it expands, so freezing a flower all the cells burst and it dies. which is why any vegies that youve accidentally put in the freezer look weird and a floppy when you take them out, this is also why frozen plants look darker when they thaw out. similar to if you had squashed them. this is because freezing it damages it in a similar way. so unless you have a cryo chamber for your rose, it wont be able to bloom when you thaw it. water freezes cloudy because the dissolved gases cannot stay dissolved when it freezes and they come out of solution, leaving millions of tiny air pockets in the ice. by boiling the water first all the gases are forced out so when you freeze it there is barely any in there.
So let's say I do have a cryo chamber.. will it come out red?
what if you froze it in liquid nitrogen? i vaguely remember some experiments on organic objects that kept their color.
That's great! haha very creative.. i just need to find the time to do it xD<br>(:
I think your wife is prettier than the gift. = )
Remember that &quot;Instant Ice&quot; stuff that actually is like a plastic. As far as I know, that doesn't melt, so if it came out clear, you could actually mount it.
I love the fact that the rose turns black, a good little gothic touch for my GF.
That is so awesome! The rose turns black. I would love to recieve it, even if it wasn't in the shape of a heart.
I'm terribly adversed to hardwork.<br />Do you think using a soldering iron to melt the ice is a good idea?<br />Not exactly familiar with the inner workings of the iron, wouldn't want to electrocute myself...
I understand your wish to avoid the hardwork, but I do not think the soldering iron is a good idea.<br /><br />First, as you pointed out, there is a safety risk of letting electric devices get wet. If you absolutely have to try (which I do not recommend), pay great attention that no part of the iron except the tip gets wet. Perhaps wear insulating gloves additionally, and have someone around who can pull the power plug and call an ambulance if it comes to the worst. But even then, there remains a risk I would not recommend to take.<br /><br />Second, I even doubt that the soldering iron will help. As far as I understand, a soldering iron continuously heats up the tip, but only with relatively low strength. For soldering this is OK, because you only use the tip for a few seconds at a time, and then there is a break within which the iron can get the lost heat back. But if you try to melt ice, most soldering irons (especially those used for electronics) will not have enough power to keep up the heat - the tip will get cold almost immediately. <br /><br />Summarizing: I believe that it will not work anyway, and that trying is dangerous. So I recommend to find a different solution. Sorry.<br />
Good point, guess I shouldn't cheapen the effort put into a gift for my partner anyways.<br /> <br /> Thanks for the reply, much appreciated.
This looks great!! I plan to do one using a silk rose. The ice seemed to have burned the rose somewhat. A silk rose will look the same, regardless being frozen.
you can make transparent ice by freezing warm or hot water instead of cold, i dont why it freezes clear but thats how you do it
Right there with you. Boil it first. Loses the surprise, but it's much cooler to see how the rose is actually suspended in it.
boiling the water gets the gases dissolved in it, therefore it doesn't form bubbles when you freeze it.
Did anyone think the rose looked kinda weird when it came out of the ice? I mean this is an awesome idea, but it looked a little morbid to me, the black rose, but i suppose it would be kind of cool if you like that sorta thing. I'd prefer it if the rose stayed red, maybe using a fake one would work better? Just a suggestion, great idea though! :)
Yes, it came out quite black. The problem is that this is quite natural for roses. For example, if you dry roses, they also get black. Perhaps if you do not take a red rose, but a rose-coloured rose, you might get a lighter result. However, I am not sure if the resulting colour will be beautiful. Concerning the fake rose, I suppose it will not loose colour, but I do not like giving fake roses - it's not the real thing...
FWIW: With a peach coloured rose, I got a very cool looking flame coloured rose, yellow-orange-red colours.
Cool. Do you have a photo somewhere?
No photo, sorry. But try drying some different colours, they seem to come out similar colours when dried as when frozen. But it was really tie-die flame-looking, from an innocent peachy pastel colured rose.
Now a ring or earrings in the middle of the heart would be a really unexpected surprise, maybe enclosed in a capsule like the bubble gum toys come in? or a note or poem in it? I don't mind it cloudy-it adds to the mystery.
Actually a very <em>great</em> idea.<br/>Love it.<br/>The rose looks all black at the end, looks really cool.<br/>Probably too hard for me, I just might buy those Skittle heart things, fill that up with water, then freeze (and the rose part), then it would come out cool.<br/><br/>Nice job!<br/>
Creative! I like it!
I think I may have my own take on this to do in another, like an absolute pscho instructable A series of timesavers called that would be cool... Sorry random tangent, If would personally boil the Ice etc make it clear, wait boil the ice, the water even then carve it and polish on side to clarity then sand the other to make it opaque, making a either a mirror effect of simply making the rose more interesting... also I think the effect of freezing make the rose more interesting, red roses are a bit cliched, black on the other hand...
To make the ice crystal clear, you could boil the water, let it cool, boil it again, let it cool again and THEN put it in the bowl to freeze. It's always worked for me.
what if you used that clear ice instructable along with this?... just a thought..
This is a really unique idea, but have you considered using a silk rose instead of as live one? The silk one will still maiintain it's color, and the ice won't blacken it... Neat idea, though!
They do make heart shaped ballons you know, I think all that wire inside the ice is kinda yuck, you can also use a silk rose from the dollar store. Then fill it with water.. Tie a knot.. Freeze and done, Later you can drill a hole and stuff a LED into it.
Could you use dry ice? Dry ice does not melt into water it evaporates, this would mean the rose would not turn black.....ewww
In theory, that would probably work. But the problem is how to freeze the carbon dioxide to enclose the rose (although one can by dry ice, i.e., frozen carbon dioxide, we have to freeze it ourselves to get the rose inside). Carbon dioxide freezes at -78 degrees Celsius. A normal freezer does not reach that temperature. One might try and use liquid nitrogen for cooling and a supply of pressurized carbon dioxide to encase the rose in dry ice, but that would probably be a very difficult process. Still, if one could manage it, it would also get us rid of wet furniture after the heart melts.
Actually, it would theoretically be possible. Industrially, dry ice isn't produced by freezing it solid- it's cooled until it's a liquid, then the pressure is reduced off of the liquid. This causes some CO2 to evaporate, absorbing heat and letting the rest freeze into a solid. If lukeair could build a heart-shaped rose container, fill it exclusively with CO2, cool it with liquid nitrogen or whatever, then reduce the pressure, the rose could conceivably be encased in dry ice. Also, lukeair could conceivably start a business.
I think the rose turned black for the same reason most people can't freeze strawberries. The water around and in the cells of the rose freezes and make large pokey ice crystals. those crystals puncture the cells and well...imagine something half your size and shaped like a nail going through you...You can limit the size of the crystals by freezing the water very fast. Do this by first putting the roses (or in Alton Brown's case in Strawberry Sky, strawberries) in your freezer so that they get really cold but do NOT let them freeze. When they're nice and chilled, get them into a cooler of chopped up dry ice. The dry ice will freeze them very fast, even faster when the ice directly contacts the rose (that's why it needs to be chopped up). after that your roses are frozen and you can put them in the freezer for...ever i guess. Warning: dry ice is cold...like...really friggin cold.
Man, I love Alton B. Cool instructable!
Thats really sweet, but why would you give her a BLACK rose?
try using warmer water lranging from lukewarm to hot to prevent bubbles and a more transparent overall outlook.
apparantly, the way to make ice more transparent is to keep it gently agitated during the freezing process. Maybe one of those cheap little dollar store back massagers taped to the container and left on?
I am not sure whether slight vibrations are sufficient to mix the water. Since 4 centigrade water sinks to the bottom, the top layer freezes before the oxygen gets out. This seems to me rather stable, so I suppose vibrations are not sufficient to mix the layers of water. I think the aquarium pump suggested by sillou on Feb, 18 might have more effect.
I dunno, it's how the mythbusters did it in the "making fire with a lens made from ice' myth. I think the professionals do it with pressurized air to aggitate it. Heating the water first also gives good results I understand. Someone did an instructable on that too I think...
There is <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/E8CWN9CYHSEP2878MC/">this instructable</a>. It says: &quot;Use clear lake, pond ice or try boiling water for 10 minutes to remove gas.&quot; But I have not tested this so far.<br/>
Yes, this is a great idea. Pictures are very nice too:)
I love the idea of putting a present inside ice as a way to wrap it. In my opinion, gifts like this that showcase hard work are the most meaningful.
That's a great idea. One could use this as a wrapping for almost any small present, even non waterproof ones. Just take a small waterproof (and nice looking) box. Then put it in the ice like we did with the rose. (Of course, suspending it gets slightly more complicated, since it must not stick out.) Also a perfect way to give delayed messages: Put a small message in the box.
the easiest way to get the water to be clear is by boiling it first, but that will obviously hurt the rose. the second way is to keep the water moving, I created a small freezing tank which fits in my freezer and has an small fountain pump to keep the water moving. I guess I should do an instructable on how I made that :)
<ul class="curly"><li>the easiest way to get the water to be clear is by boiling it first, but that will obviously hurt the rose. the second way is to keep the water moving</li><br/></ul>I suppose it is not necessary to put the rose into boiling water. One couldboil the water first, let it cool (perhaps in the freezer, but this would be very energy consuming) and then put the rose inside. Or boil it in another bowl, and then after cooling fill it into the bowl where the rose is already attached. (But in this case, one has to pour carefully, otherwise we might introduce new air into the water.)<br/><br/>But in any case, I am very interested in the outcome of the fountain method. And it probably looks very nice, too, a fountain in the fridge... :)<br/>

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