Step 9: Mounting the heart on the wood

Picture of Mounting the heart on the wood
We are now going to mount the heart on the wood. In principle, we could glue the heart onto the wood just by freezing it on. However, we want the rose not to fall off the board even when the ice has melted, therefore we will fix the rose using a nail.

For this, mark the position on the board where the bottom side of the rose will later touch the board using a pencil, and then drive a nail from below through the board and through this mark. I used a nail that protruded approximately 15mm from the board.

In order to give the heart a firmer hold on the board, we will use both the nail and frozen water to attach it. For this, slightly warm up the underside of the heart with your hands (no gloves this time) so that it gets wet. Then impale the heart on the nail (such that the nail pierces the bottom side of the rose), and force it down until the base of the heart touches the wooden board. It helps to turns the heart while pushing.

Now the present is ready. But the next step is nevertheless the most important one.