A poem to foraging. Rose hips claim to fame for most, is that they are high in Vitamin C, much higher than citrus fruit, so that even in cooking them the losses are insignificant. What is not so well known is their content in other vitamins, such as A, E and K as well as antioxidants, which make them invaluable in the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Recent research is also looking at their potential to fight against chronic osteoarthritis. Rose hips are also widely used in alternative veterinary medicine for many animals and in particular in equine nutrition and treatments. Apart from all this, they are delicious as a sauce for ice-cream, syllabubs, custards etc.,. I freeze my syrup in ice-cube trays for easy storage, less sugar content and to have handy for putting in to drinks such as kefir and wine punch. Food and medicine in a ready-made capsule!
Public Domain Music from 'A Tiny Window' http://archive.org/details/SecondJamWithMarkHewins
and also at: http://soundsfromthespring.blogspot.fr/
I have loads of rosehips in the garden - been looking for recipes to use them :-)

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