A quick hearty dinner when you just feel like opening cans.

Step 1: Saute Onion

Chop one onion and add it to a hot, oiled pot with some pepper.

Stir until onion softens.
Just wanted to let you know I've made this many times - it's become a regular - THANKS!<br /> I was impatient once because I had too much tomato juices to evaporate and added some bulgar to soak it up, and now I do it every time. Works with many different kinds of grains.<br /> <br />
This is a GREAT recipe! Thanks for sharing :)
P.S: You should add it to the cooking contest! Wait, did that already pass? Well, if there's another cooking contest, add it =P<br/>
canida, thank you so much! i tried a little curry powder in mine, and some basil instead of rosemary, and my whole family practically tears me apart to get me to cook some, and once i do, it's all gone in 10 minutes!
It looks really good! I made also a variation using garlic instead of onions and the result is very good. Another suggestion: put the garbanzos last. First let the tomatos caramelize a bit in strong heat and when this is done put the garbanzos (they do not need to cook if they are canned, only get warmed).
Great recipe! simple but a hearty meal indeed. Post some more. I do love cooking. I will post mine so that we exchange recipes
This is really cool, but i can't figure out how to roll the duct tape around your finger... Maybe a video could help. Otherwise, this is awesome... and Tasty!
Tasty pictures too.
Did you get new bowls?
Nope- this is from a chips-and-dip set. Eric was dissatisfied with his photoshoot results using our standard set of bowls, so we dug this out. It's likely to make further appearances.
I love how you guys are digging deeper into food photography. There's just something great about that.
I do something very similar, just leave out the rosemary and add curry paste. I'll be sure to try your version though, it sounds great.
We make a garbanzo curry too- I haven't posted it here yet. I'd love to compare curry versions.

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