Roses from maple leaves.
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It's easy to do, just take a walk through the park in the fall and grab some maple leaves along the way!

Step 1:

For three roses you will need 9 leaves, plus some green leave for decorating the bouquet.

Step 2:

Fold the leaves in half one by one.

Step 3:

Roll up the folded leaf.

Step 4:

The first layer of one rose is done and should look like this. You can add more layers for bigger buds.

Step 5:

Roll a second layer over the first.

Step 6:

Now roll a third layer to your rose.

Step 7:

This is what a three layer rose should look like.

Tie a string around the base of the bud. The natural leaf steam will work as a rose steam if it's not too dry.

Step 8:

9 leaves make these 3 beautiful roses.

Step 9:

You can add three green leaves for a more secorative bouquet.

Step 10:

A beautiful fall bouquet is ready to go as a gift or holiday decoation.
<p>When I was at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire I made some similar<br> roses using a similar technique, and gave them to some friends and my <br>sister. Instead of string, I used stripped stems to hold the roses <br>together. I was lucky in that there was more than one species of maple <br>tree available and they provided variation in leaf colors and sizes, <br>enabling me to mix and match my blossoms. Next year I'm going to give <br>your technique a try. Thanks for the Instructable.</p>
my mom loves it thanks man<br />
i love them. simple and pretty!
Well done, very easy and simple to do, I think I am going to try this when it is light out<br />
I'll wait for the photo )))<br />
<span class="status-body"><span class="entry-content">When life hands you maple leaves, make roses ^_^<br /> </span></span>
:о)<br />
What an awesome, simple idea!&nbsp; Nicely done.<br />
&nbsp;that's cool. nice instructable.
Nicely done, those look&nbsp; really pretty.<br />

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