Picture of Roses from maple leafs.
Roses from maple leaves.
Original post about this manual in my LJ is rttv.livejournal.com/127398.html

It's easy to do, just take a walk through the park in the fall and grab some maple leaves along the way!

Step 1:

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For three roses you will need 9 leaves, plus some green leave for decorating the bouquet.
irondirtboy5 years ago
my mom loves it thanks man
i love them. simple and pretty!
Foxtrotman5 years ago
Well done, very easy and simple to do, I think I am going to try this when it is light out
cutforfood (author)  Foxtrotman5 years ago
I'll wait for the photo )))
When life hands you maple leaves, make roses ^_^
cutforfood (author)  instanttomen5 years ago
canida5 years ago
What an awesome, simple idea!  Nicely done.
red-king5 years ago
 that's cool. nice instructable.
ChrysN5 years ago
Nicely done, those look  really pretty.