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Introduction: Roshawn Peake Asthma Foundation

This video is not spam! I am 27 years old. I am from Fayetteville, TN. My husband died last year from an ashtma attack. He was 25 years old. The medication he needed to improve his lung function was $3,600 dollars a month and we could not afford it. As a direct result, he passed away. I wanted to do something for other people so they wouldn't have to go through a tragedy like mine, just because of their inability to pay. I started the Roshawn Peake Asthma Foundation. It is a nonprofit entity dedicated to people who suffer from pulmonary-related disorders and can't afford their medication. There is no age limit, and pulmonary related disorders do not discriminate. I recently opened an office in Fayetteville on the square. I have a background in business adminstration, psychology, and accounting. I hired two lovely ladies, a branch manager and a public relations/ fundraiser coordinator. Right now, we are not receiving grant money and I am out of pocket for 90% of operating costs. The $25,000 funding would help approximately 200 patients breathe. My company is a licensed nonprofit. We are registered with the state of Tennessee and the United States Federal Government. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video, and I look forward to hearing from y'all out there in Lynchburg!



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    Is there a way to check for credibility privately before making public accusations? Has anyone done any research on this before stating it as fraud?

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    There is! You can check with the Tennessee Department of Charitable Registration. My charitable organization registration number is CO16770! You can also check the National Association of Government Contractors registration list and use my company name, Roshawn Peake Asthma Foundation, to search us! Google is also an easy way, as well as SEC! Also, give the American Lung Association a call! They can put you in contact with us! You can check the CCR system, which is switching over to the system for information too!

    And if all of this is just too much, call the Lincoln county Tennessee courthouse and ask about my businesses registration with the county. As a nonprofit I am not required to purchase a business license, but I did just in case someone came along making accusations like the ones posted about my submission, locally where my business is located. And, yes the Roshawn Peake Asthma Foundation is a legitimate business. Don't be too quick to think this is a scam. You or someone you love might need our help one day! No matter what myself or my business faces, we will persevere. My mission is not to satisfy anyone's liking, its to help patients get the medical treatment they deserve. Be blessed everyone!

    While you're being as nice & polite as possible, blkhawk & ilpug, I think you're too quick to think this spam; I'm pretty sure she meant this as an entry in the Jack Daniel's Independence Project...

    Sorry to say, but this is the wrong site to post this sort of requests.

    As heartbreaking as this is, and as good a cause as it is, this is also spam, I think.

    As heartbreaking as this is, and as good a cause as it is, this is also spam, I think.