Rosemary Conserve





Introduction: Rosemary Conserve

Rosemary is a very tasty a good spice, that can be used in a lot of receipes. I've got a beautiful plant in my garden, so generally I use it fresh, but it can be conserved.

Step 1:

Gather some rosemary branch, wash it and let it dry for some hours.

Step 2:

Tear off the leaves. You can do this easly just pulling from the last leaves to the root of the branch in one smooth move.

Step 3:

Using a mixer, chop up the rosmary. Do not pulverize it.

You can add salt, but rosemary is healthier without salt ;)

Step 4:

Let it dry again, for a day or two.

Step 5:

Put it in a jar and it's done!

This is a convenient way to conserve and use rosemary.

Step 6:

Use it in a lot of receipe! For example in tomato sauce, to make it tasty with less salt, or in the soups.

Bon appetit!


  • Thanks for the motiv...-Alex in NZ

    Alex in NZ made it!


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Thank you :) Yes, I always re-use spice jars, spices in bags are cheaper but quality is the same!