I have always loved re-purposing one thing into another. This instructable will show pictures of my completed iPod dock with commentary on how I put it together. I apologize that I didn't take pictures through the whole process. I was just too excited about the project.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Parts needed:
Old rotary dial phone (broken preferably, please don't destroy working pieces of histroy)
iPod dock
LED and LED housing (I got mine from Radio Shack)
Power switch
Plug and wire

I found my broken rotary phone on eBay.

The iPod dock that I used was coincidentally perfect for my design (I'll show you why later) was the Magnasonic MAG-iP860K. I found mine online at Amazon.com.

Tools needed:
Dremel tool (or suitable power rotary tool)
Hot glue gun
Drill with small drill bits
Soldering Iron (I used a 15-watt iron)

<p>Question: Why did you remove the plastic in the headset mic/speaker areas (for the new speakers) Was it just to allow more sound to come out, or did you have a fit issue with the speakers and needed to make more space?</p>
<p>This is when I wished to have taken pictures.... The plastic on the back of the handset would have pushed and damaged the cone. We couldn't have that so it was removed. </p>
Thanks for the quick reply. Your thread has definitely been helpful to start planning this project out.
<p>I'm excited to see your final result! Please post pictures!</p>
Wished I was more talented at electrical stuff so I could make this for my kitchen
I'm glad you think so. It was a blast to make.
This is amazing!

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