Picture of Rotating Dial Clock
i am from india,[kolkata.].here the clock is AJANTA clock readilly available at local market, price about Rs 100.i have modified the normal hour min sec hands clock to a rotating dial clock. just made 3 dials of descending diameter and attach them by glue on hour-min-sec hand from largest diameter to smallest diameter dial. then make a indicator hand by cutting colourful page--shape it like an arrow and glue on the glass outside the clock case. that's all.
Very nice ! Would like to build one. Can't download file or open it. Can you please inclube pdf version? Thanks!
foobear2 years ago
that's pretty cool
That's cool :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
drsantanu (author) 2 years ago
thanks,, just uploaded pdf file.
Thanks Very Much !!