Rotating LED throwies driven by a Stirlingengine (eVoltis Stirlingmachine)

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Step 6: The main piston

Cut a piece of 10 mm from the epoxy cement and knead it very well (~ 1 minute) until the epoxy has a homogene colour and gets a light warm. Fill it into the cylinder and compress it with a wooden staff (which must be oiled before using).
When the glue is hardened, press it out from the cylinder (use the wooden staff). Use a hammer and hit the wood carefully. It's not so easy, but it works.
Now cut the uneven Part of the piston with a saw. Smooth down the piston and the cylinder very well. Smooth down the piston so long, until it moves very easy in the cylinder.

It is very important that the piston easily moves in the cylinder and seals this, nevertheless, very well.

Drill a 1 mm hole across the bottom side of the piston. Attach a 0.8 mm wire with two isolation parts (for centering). Don't forget the piston rod. This is made of 0.8 mm wire. At the ends make a very small loop with the round nose pliers. The length over all is 60mm.