Rotery Tool Spindle Sander





Introduction: Rotery Tool Spindle Sander

A spindle sander made with a single speed rotery tool

Step 1: Materials

For this porject you will need four 5'' peices of wood. It realy does not matter what size or type of wood you use i just used trim board because its what i had. for the base you will need 2 4'' peices of wood. for the surface you will need a 4''/4'' peice of plywood.for the motor mount, a 2''/2'' paice of a 2/4''. the way you mount your motor is up to you because when i was mounting mine it didnt work so i had to make a braket to hold the rotey tool in place. you will also need a sanding bit for your rotery tool. you will need misc hardware depending on the wood you use too.

Step 2: Building the Base

for the stand you will need to attatch  two of the 5'' peices to one of the 4'' peices. you will need to make two of these.

Step 3: Motor Mount and Worktop

for the moter mount i cut a 3/4 inch whole in the center and cut a notch out of one side for the twist lock to tighten the bit in, on the other side i cut a gash so i would be able to tighten down the collet.then i put two set skrews with nuts ressesd into the wood to hold the motor in and hot glued the nuts in( the hot glue was because they kept sliping out). after i tried useing the set skrews they didnt hold as tightly as i needed so i made a braket out of a small peice of sheet metel

Step 4: Finishing

lastly you will need to skrew the work top to the stands. soon i will glue on a smooth top so the skrews wont be in the way. also i put  two nails in two of the legs and bent them out so i could wind up the cord.



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Was actually building one just like this today but did not have the mount figured out yet