Tired of chicken? Try Duck.

What you will need

1 dead duck
1 rotisserie
1 metal or wooden skewer

Step 1: Prepping the Duck

Remove Duck from wrapper. Empty body cavity, rinse with cold water and pat dry with clean paper towels.

Using a sharp skewer prick the skin of the duck all over the body. Do not pierce the meat. Duck unlike most store bought chicken has a very thick layer of fat between the skin and meat. These holes help the fat drain out during the cooking process.

Also unlike store bought chickens, ducks come with the neck skin still attached. This freaked me out a bit just because I was not expecting it.

Remove neck skin and wing tips. You may want to keep the wing tips on if using a spit type rotisserie.

That looks like a nice rotisserie basket, what is the type (brand) and where can I get one?
The brand is EZ Que and they are out of business. If you do a search for them you may be able to find some on ebay or there used to be a company in Wisconsin that was selling their left over merchandise.
and the feathers make such a mess....
I agree, dead ducks are much easier to work with.... Good point pricking the skin to let the fat out, it's the number one reason many people don't care for duck. Looks good!
should the duck be dead? nice Instructable
I prefer the duck to be dead. Live ones are too hard to get on the spit. Plus the constant quacking gets annoying quick.

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