Necklace made of:
- nVidia GPU
- rotor

Step 1: Shaping and Drawing Guiding Lines

Shaping the GPU leaving a native board hole for the neck chain.
drawing the guiding lines for cutting the interior.

Step 2: Interior Cutting

Drilled the corners by a diamond bit and cut the interior from hole to hole.

Step 3: Preparing for Rotor Mounting

Drilled holes and milled the channel for the rotor ax by diamond bit, under water for cooling the bit.

Step 4: Mounting the Rotor

Keeping the rotor ax in place by two copper wires.
The rotor can be rotated.

Step 5: Fully Assembled

Put the neck chain and a coating varnish on the back side of the GPU.
<p>I wish we could find a better way to recycle old technology. Probably tons of probably working chips still out there. -- Anyway, very cool pendant necklace. You should see if you can find a way to make a stand for it with a circuit that will spin the rotor.while it's on the stand.</p>
<p>using a smaller rotor and parts from the electric motor casing, on the back half of the pendant , plus a couple of button cells as well, you can make it spin.<br><br>with a back stainless plate, from an old timex or a size compatible wrist watch, protecting the moving parts, batt. and most important, YOUR SKIN.</p>
<p>thats awesome... sigh... that was my first GPU too... so many memories</p>
<p>Very cool. You should sell these :D</p>
Thanks Dan! <br>These are for special people, so are priceless ;)
<p>lucky person.<br><br>By chance, you didnt recently get hold of a broken computer and take it apart? lol, I've just looked at your other ible, and its amazing</p>
and yes, took apart more than one Pc.<br>Everybody knows that I'm the one that collects electronic scrap :D
i already did lot of steampunk wearables and non wearable, but I didn't took photos in the process of making them.. to make a guide here.. :(
sorry for those 2 photos (plant and children), I selected by mistake.
This is very cool.

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