Step 3:

Picture of
The RV looped schematic was specifically given open source by Hector to thwart any cartels from patenting and or suppressing it. Hector has disclosed this method publicly on the internet for all to perfect and replicate.

Hector states that the RV Looped systems are possible and are in need of further lab testing in order to be perfected.Technically Hector describes this concept as possible by simply using non reflective fractional resonant power extraction or ballun compensated direct tensor loading.

Hector has also offered what he considers to be laymen’s methods and solutions using his split capacitors diode resonant systems (plug) to split power dividers to extract non reflective excess power.

Additionally the open source engineers working with Panacea are testing other circuits and design concepts which incorporate certain power switching circuits to helpmake this EXCESS energy extractable and usable.

This looped sequence involves transformers (unseen in the picture above) which represents the down grading of voltage from the generators resonating circulating output current. The transformer primary , secondary , plus battery with one transistor and a few extra parts of capacitors, diode bridge ,resistors , mica caps , & more blocking diodes are described by Hector as all that is needed to close the loop and extract the excess output and put back into the battery.

Hector also describes the closed loop as being achieved from the impedance matching (amplitude) of the resonant generators output elements relative to the batteries input amperage.A reminder for those wishing to evaluate the schematic, the looped ZPE plans are available in the Panacea university course compilation provided above.

The issue of a successful replication of the looped design is however complicated. So far to achieve this advanced level, Hector is in need of grants and to also be recruited into an R and D environment to offer this education, and, follow through with the RV's public disclosure.

Plus security is also needed from the political and economic conditions which Panacea can provide in the Panacea proposed granted research and development center.Recently at the end of 2008 two enigneer's known to Panacea successfully looped the RV and encounted interference.

Hector's original concept has since has been improved with a dual battery switching concept and with many other modifications. It is advanced R and D, brand new and very difficult for the first timer to grasp and replicate.

This is why we need to recruit Hector and all the open source engineers working on the RV technology into the Panacea proposed granted research and development center where we the public can provide grant support and SAFTY for this research.

Only through open source technology disclosures can this technology reach the public to capacity and allow green energy technology to operate and stay UN suppressed. And further, enable us to free our self’s from petroleum subjugation and pollution.

Hector is a very underrated and talented open source energy engineer who has contributed the disclosure of the RV for public education. The RV engineers working with Hector have showed far advanced energy saving applications and the potential the RV has to operate in an over unity condition. Hector has also has developed far advanced Zero point energy user systems (Z.E.U.S).

Another device given open source by Hector for research and development of ZPE is the Trans-verter device (shown below).This is a solid state version (no moving parts) of the RV comprising capacitors and a three phase transformer. This device has been replicated independently by the RV engineers.