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Make a Slay & corpse to drive the Slay. I used a Blucky, corpsed it and dressed it in a black robe from the dollar store. I used a witches hat with the brim cut off for the elf/santa hat. The Slay is constructed from insulating foam board that you can get at any Lowes or Home Depot. I believe I used the 3/4 inch. The drawback to using foam as opposed to a thinner plywood is that it will break if you are not careful. The wind can also snap it. However, it does have it's advantages. It is lighter weight and much easier to cut when doing more detailed things like flames and cobwebs.
Well, that is it! You know have a creepy Reindeer for Halloween. Hope you have as much fun as I did in making him!
Quizicat6 years ago
A red light for the nose would be a nice addition. Though green might be more in the spirit of things.