Step 2: Make Your Measurements

For each stand, you'll need four roughly equal pieces. If you want this next to a wall, you could do one shorter, or whatever. I measured out my boards and figured I'd cut to about 15 inches for each piece. This wound up being more than sufficient for my purposes. The taller you're going, the wider your base should be.

Measure your boards, and use a T-square, or in this case, the edge of my miter box to draw a nice straight line.
<p>Thanks for the idea! Building a banner holder myself.</p><p>One add: you might want to pick up something to use as &quot;feet&quot; like those little buttons you put on the bottom of chairs. This will eliminate wobble by having contact points instead of the surfaces of the boards, which are usually never perfectly straight.</p>
ive just made banners and poles and the base stand here is simple but efficiant, many thanks youve saved me a hole lot of drilling and fixing to large blocks. good stuff. <br>
Nicely done.

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