This project is a tinker toy inspired toy that I make for kids. You are able to create a lot of different shape and objects than tinker toys do to the angle of the balls and how many holes that you stick into the ball.
   I have sold lots of these toys on Etsy.com over the last year and would like to show you what I used and how this toy will inspire your child to use their imagination. If you like this project and don't have the time or materials then please visit Round Building Blocks and purchase one of my kits. Thank you.

Materials Needed:
   * Drill Press
   * 1/4" Drill Bit
   * 4 - 3/8" Bolts, Nuts, & Washers
   * 1/4" Dowel Rods
   * 1 1/4" Round Popular Balls
   * 2"x6"x10" Wood
   * 2"x2"x8" Wood
   * 120 Grit Sand Paper
   * 1 1/4" Whole Saw
   * Band Saw, Hack Saw or Miter Saw.
   * Table Saw

Step 1: Cutting the Sticks

   You will need to cut out 25 sticks that are 1/4" thick by 3" long. I use a band saw because it gets a nice clean look on the ends. Once the round sticks are cut you then use the band saw to cut a slit about 3/8" deep into both ends of the stick. This will help the sticks so they don't get stuck into the balls and for shrinking and swelling of the wood in different climates. A good way to get a center cut each time on the sticks is to make a jig. I cut a 2"x2"x8" piece of wood and drilled a 1/4" hole into the center all the way through. Next I attached it to the wood sliding guide with a clamp. But be for I clamp it tight I make the hole in the 2"x2" centered with the band saw blade then I tightened the clamp. Next I insert the stick into the hole and push it towards the blade. This way I can cut a lot of sticks and have them centered all of the time. Once you are done then use a 120 grit sand paper and sand the edges to knock off any loose debris.

Step 2: Creating the Ball Jig

   First you need a drill press so that you can create accurate holes each time. I use a skill drill press that has holes in the drill press table so that I can mount jigs to it. First I cut a 2"x6"x8" long. Next I place the piece on the drill press table and mark out where I want to mount the to the table. Next I drill four 3/8" holes all the way through in the locations that I specified. Now I mark my center point on the piece of wood and draw a line from the left side to the right side. Next I draw a line from the top to the bottom through the center mark. Next I drill a 1/4" hole into the center all the way through the piece of wood. Next I use my table saw and dado out a 1/4" line through the two marked lines. The lines need to be 1/4" deep. Next I mount the jig to the drill press table and make sure it lines up with the center of the jig. Now I use a 1 1/4" whole saw and drill a 3/4" deep hole and then I clean the wood out. Now you have a ready to go jig.

Step 3: Creating the Hole in the Balls

   We will need 25 round 1 1/4" wooden balls for this next step. Twenty of them will have six holes 3/8" deep. To do this you will need to place one ball into the drill press jig and drill one hole. Next you will insert a 1/4" dowel rod and turn it to the left dado line and lay the dowel rod into it. Now put another dowel rod into the second hole and rotate this rod to the bottom dado groove with the first rod still in the first groove and drill the third hole. Do this until you have six holes. Do this to all 25 balls. Now take five of those balls and you will need to make more holes in them. You will need a total of 14 holes in five balls. To do this take a pin and find the center in between all six holes that you already made. Next take the balls and drill into those marked spots and now you have a 14 holed ball. It might take you some practice to get those holes lined up good. Once you are done get a corner of a 120 grit sand paper and sweep around the holes to knock out any debris.
Very good work! Always I though to do something similar, but your jigs are genial.
Awesome! Really nice project.

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