If you need to clean up some of your wiring then rounding your IDE cables can help. It makes the cables much smaller and easy to manipulate into small areas to make your case wiring look all pretty.

Step 2: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
Get your IDE or floppy cable and cut right in between where the wires are held together. Do it every 2-3 wires. Then pull them apart to the head of the cable.

Step 3: Wrap and zip tie

Twist the cable around until you get a good round cable. Then get your zip ties and put around 3 spaced out depending on how long your cable is.

Step 4: Make them look nicer

Picture of Make them look nicer
Get your electric tape if you had any and just wrap it around the cables.

Step 5: Some other ways to hide your wires

If you have a nice case you should be able to put some wires on the other side of your case door and run them behind the tray of your motherboard.

You can also drill some holes right where the cables go into the sockets and route them behind the motherboard tray also. Be sure to put some kind of grommet or something to protect the sharp hole you cut in your motherboard tray. I would also recommend taking out the motherboard before you do this...
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Actually you need to maintain pairing, if it is 80conductor cable, high speed. One is data and each second is grounding, so if you want cable speed, you need to slice cable by dividing by 2. And always is option to yust round it up :)