Round Wooden Lid for Hampers & Baskets




Introduction: Round Wooden Lid for Hampers & Baskets

In this instructable you'll see: How I made a Laundry Basket Top, made of plywood. The circular wood is 12mm thick and the radius of the circle is 20cm, [π=3,1415926], [C=2πr], so C=2*3,14*0,2=125,6mm. The side of the basket is 4mm thick and 125,6mm long.

Step 1:

Firstly mark the center of the wood, in this case it’s a piece of plywood forty by forty centimeters and twelve millimeters thick.

Step 2:

Now, with the router’s component, for circular cutting, take a little hammer and open a small hole in the center that you have already marked.

Step 3:

Place the router in the hole that you have already made, keep it stable and have someone else turning the piece of wood slowly.

Step 4:

After you have measured the perimeter of the wood that has been cut with the router, take a piece of plywood four millimeters thick to make the side of the basket.

Step 5:

Soak in warm water the piece of wood that you have already cut.

Step 6:

Now, it’s much easier to bend it, and give it the circular form you want.

Step 7:

Sand all surfaces, so it fits snugly against the wood you have already bent on top of the circular wood.

Step 8:

Place a screw, not to miss the alignment of the wood.

Step 9:

Then, put a nail every seven centimeters and a screw every twenty five centimeters.

Step 10:

Putty all nail holes and sand again.

Step 11:

Paint the first coat and let it dry well.

Step 12:

Then proceed to the second one.

Step 13:

Thanks for reading & I hope you liked it!

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