Round Stools(type All Rounds)





Introduction: Round Stools(type All Rounds)


This is Round stool(type all rounds).
for TenkaizuBudoukai


MDF 2.5mm 1820×910mm 2sheets

Step 1: Download and Cut.

step1 Please download from thingiverse.

step2 cut with laser cutting machines.

I use this laser cutter.
work area is 406 x 305(mm)


Step 2: Assemble the 3 Flat Parts.

connect with the hammers.

Step 3: Fit the Side Parts.

Step 4: Put on the Cover




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    Not gonna touch all the catfighting about lasers in libraries or rent.. It looks like this can be made of bending plywood, which is for sale in the places that sell plywood to pros, and easily bend the sheets. Not convinced the cutout pattern aids the sitting experience anyway. It would help airflow but that is not on seat surfaces.

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    I think this is for putting your feet up. Isn't it?

    As someone who's used a laser cutter a lot, I can totally appreciate the time and effort that's gone into getting this right. It looks fantastic, there's lots of clever design here and I love it. Thanks!

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    I agree this is something which took a lot of time and effort to make. If you can do better then show us and we can all learn, if you want to praise do so but winge about not having the tools...... get a grip!

    excellent lovely design. to those who belly ache about not having a laser cutter...... we dont all have all tools available but that is not a reason to have a go at someone who has taken the time and trouble to share a design of something which they should be quite rightly proud.
    I dont have a 3D printer but that does not stop me admiring designs produced on them. I do have a laser cutter and one day I will have a 3D printer :)

    very nice. I'm going to try it out. haven't used my laser cutter much.

    OK, thanks. Do you know anywhere in Tokyo that I can use a laser cutter for a reasonable price? Maybe somewhere with a monthly/annual fee?

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    You can use a laser cutter in Tokyo.

    fabcafe in shibya
    fablabo shibuya
    fablabo kamakura

    sorry,I don't know in detail the fee structure...

    If you wanted a low-tech version of this stool, look at bending wood with steam. You can steam bend 1/4"/~6mm plywood with a jet of steam working just a little at a time. Takes practice and attention to the dangers of the steam but it's doable with few tools and it's quite so you can do it in your kitchen in an apartment. 

    Actually we can. If there's a TechShop in your area, you can learn how to use ours. Otherwise search for local Hacker or Maker spaces. I also know that libraries are starting to acquire laser cutters and 3D printers for their communities. If none of these options are available in your area -- demand it! Start with the library and try to get other people in your community involved.

    TechShops are amazing but they're really not for people on budget e.g. students. My local TechShop membership is $178US/month and it's located far out in an upscale suburban community. Back when I was young, I wouldn't have even been able to contemplate spending that much and now that I'm older and a tightwad, I probably won't either.

    hahahá. I knOw that feeling

    So if you don't own the tool it's not an appropriate Instructable and deserves contemptuous remarks? I don't own a needle and thread.....

    Put yer handbag away! it wasn't meant to be a contemptuous remark,
    but its not something we can all have a go at is it? (And I bet you do own a needle and thread, or can easily borrow one).

    Sorry.... I had made a mistake in English.

    Thank you for pointing out.

    He he he. :D Fair point.

    Do you know what the approximate cut time is for a typical 40W laser? Every laser cutter I have access to charges by time, so I'm trying to figure out how much it would cost to make the parts.

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    sorry. I don’t know the details...
    I will once again make this stool.
    I measured how long it would take.