Router Pads


Introduction: Router Pads

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I made these non slip Router pads as I had some router mat laying around and some scraps of wood.

Step 1: The Quick Tutorial

Step 1 I cut down the scrap wood to the length I needed x2

Step 2 Used some heavy duty carpet tape on both sides of the wood

Step 3 cut to tape to length and then I added the cut down router mat and trimmed to size

Step 4 Tried them out with a scrap piece of wood and just routed a pattern for fun to see if they would hold. They work very well. I have made many of these in different sizes and shapes...



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    A router mat is for holding your piece of work on when routing so you don't need clamps or when your sanding ect...

    download (2).jpgdownload (1).jpgdownload.jpg

    might search for a pad like that too for the cnc :-)