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I got this fan for around 2 euros maximum and superglue for 1euro
I melted the plastic with a lighter (be carefull) i recommend wearing gloves (not the plastic ones)

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1)You unscrew the router.

2)Melt the top part around the mmeters you need.

3)Super glue the fan on it.

4)Screw back in.

5)Connect with 3-pin fan connector.


DarkBlue made it! (author)2015-08-03

I made it too a few years ago. I used a cpu fan first but it was very noisy. Then i changed it a small one. I powered it from its own power adapter. Still working :)

SeamusDubh (author)2014-09-17

How is the fan powered on this?

trelonikkos (author)SeamusDubh2014-09-18

directly from the pc with 3 pin connector my pc case has some holes for cables so i got it through there

seamster (author)2014-09-17

Nice and simple solution!

trelonikkos (author)seamster2014-09-17

i also got a fan cable extender for about 3euros because cable was too short :P
and btw thanks alot

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