I bought a Dremel Trio and it's awesome, but my cheap nerve began to itch when I saw router tables, so I figured it wouldn't be hard to make one for this little guy.  The lock next the trigger makes this possible, and in the future I will keep it on and mount a switch on the side.

Fair warnings:  The Trio is not to replace a multiple horsepower router, so don't think this will be the only router you need if you do a lot of projects.  Next warning:  You have to drill a hole through the metal base on your Trio, it won't affect anything and you can still take off the Trio and use it as usual. Hope you like it!

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

Materials (all types of wood are what I had in the garage, so they're not set in stone... er wood)

  1    3/4 inch Plywood 24" x 18"
  4    2x4 x 18"
  1    1x6 x 4'
  1    1x2 x 3'
  1    1x4 x 4'
  30  2" screws
  2    bolts to fit the Trio fence bolt holes
  1    1.5" bolt/washer/nut


  Table saw
  Drill   1/8, 3/8 bit
  Dremel Trio 
  Spade bits  3/8, 1/2, 1 1/4 inch 
<p>This is the exact thing I had churning in my head. Thanks for this guide. Have you done any cool projects or such with this? I'm tempted to try dove tailing some joins.</p>
<p>Well since they pretty much stopped selling bits for the trio I refitted it for my skil router (just relocated the mount holes) but I've gotten a ton of use out of this thing, anything a regular router table can do, plus you can just nail straight into the table to do circles. Thanks for checking it out!</p>
nice idea <br>

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Bio: I'm an aircraft mechanic, and I recently got into woodworking. I'm learning, so comments are appreciated.
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