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Rover Robot is the most basic construction that you can build with LOFI Robot EDUBOX kit. Rover is a base for most of other robot constructions such as obstacle avoidance, light following, painting, controlling over bluetooth , etc.

LOFI Robot is an educational robot construction kit designed to help young makers and inventors learn basics of coding, electronics and mechanics.
LOFI Robot is fully OPEN SOURCE and based on the most popular maker technologies such as ARDUINO and SCRATCH which make it universal maker tool. LOFI Robot allows to build different robots easily and quickly: obstacle bypass, light following, painting, glowing, moving alone or remotely controlled.

Parts list
LOFI Brain controller - or any other Arduino compatible


Pair of DC geared motors with wheels

Set of wooden parts

Distance sensor – HC-SR04


Wooden parts design files for lasercutting out of 3mm birch plywood.



Step 1:

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Attach DC motor to the rover side parts with a help of grip blocks. Pay attention to making both of the motors in mirrored arrangement.

Step 2:

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Attach LOFI Brain Arduino controller to the top element of the rover main body. Side with usb ports is the back of our vechicle.

Step 3:

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Mount the rotating wheel at the bottom-back face of the vehicle body and compose side top and bottom parts of the vehicle body together. DC motor cables move outside of the body over the bolts holes at the top part of the body.

Step 4:

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Assamble the grip for HC-SR04 distance sensor. Attach distance sensor grip to the fron panel of vehicle body.

Step 5:

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At the front of the vehicle body mount the part with distance sensor. At the back of the vehicle mount the powerbank with its grip.

Step 6:

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Mount the wheels at the DC motors shafts.

Your rover robot construction is finished!

Connecting electronic parts

1. Connect DC motors cables to M1 and M2 ports on LOFI Brain controller.

2. Connect distance sensor to its port on the LOFI Brain controller with a 4-wire male-female cable. Pay attention to connecting approperiate sensor pins together (VCC-5V, TRIG, ECHO, GND) as marked on the sensor and LOFI Brain board.


PhilippeR16 (author)2017-01-28


Really great project, but where is the file for the wheels ?

Thanks in advance


LOFI Robot (author)PhilippeR162017-01-29

Hey Philippe!
I have added link to wheel parts. If you happen to make this robot please give me some feedback!

PhilippeR16 (author)LOFI Robot2017-02-18


Almost done. I had to recut the battery holder by 1/2 mm on each side and I just have to assemble the electronic parts. It is really a great toy.
I also added a board on the top with holes for arduino, rasppi and dagu .

Should be running by the end of next week.



PhilippeR16 (author)LOFI Robot2017-01-29


Thanks so much.

I laser cut the first file yesterday.

I have to make few adjustments for the parts I have (ultrasound sensors and some screws for the time being)

I will let you know.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-29

Cool robot design.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-29

Cool robot design.

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