Rover Transforming Rocket





Introduction: Rover Transforming Rocket

RoRo (Ro ver transforming Ro cket) is a small and light weight Rhex robot. It will be launched by a Payloard model rocket and navigates around via Sharp distance sensor once landed at the desired area.

RoRo travelling around:

Unfortunately the Paylord rocket exploded a short time after ignition, so I have to rebuild everything:



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    Wow I'm surprized this isn't a finalist. Yeah the rocket blew up but the robot worked good it looked like. Maybe it's because there are no step-by-step instructions.

    What motor were you using?

    These are two for continuous rotation modified micro servos.

    The military would use it to explode when it crawls to place

    Would be one possibility. Another is to bring the robot via rocket into a misanthropic area like a sustain damaged nuclear power plant for inspection.

    thats a great idea. they could have used those in japan after the earthquake

    First glance it looks like something that would work fine in testing but fail in real world obstacles. What prevents it from tipping?

    If it is tipping over, the tilt sensor regonize that and the wheel legs turn in the opposite direction.

    Your RoRo is very cool!

    Try with a single more powerfull rocket engine.