Introduction: Rowlet From Pokémon | Bead Sprite

Rowlet (Japanese: モクロー Mokuroh) is a dual-type Grass/Flying Pokémon. Rowlet can attack without making a sound! It flies silently through the skies, drawing near to its opponent without being noticed, and then lashing out with powerful kicks. It can also attack from a distance using the razor-sharp leaves that form part of its feathers.


  • Beads (754):

~ 256 Light brown

~ 32 Black

~ 46 White

~ 42 Light Orange

~ 33 Dark Orange

~ 121 Light Grey

~ 120 Brown

~ 29 Dark Green

~ 75 Green

  • Masking Tape
  • Large Pegboard (Big one if you're using mini beads)
  • Iron
  • Iron Paper

Why masking tape?

The reason behind this method I use in all my perler/hama/ Arktal beads creations is to be able to keep your pegboards alive, since the heat from the ironing process can melt, bend/warm and ruin your creation. Also I have learned that if you poke holes on your masking tape it will help the beads to breath better and not form holes :) ~ Made by Shendijiro

Step 1: Step 1: Head

Picture of Step 1: Head
  1. For the head part of Rowlet, I start off by making the top outline with light brown beads.
  2. Add the black for the face details.
  3. Do the beak using both oranges and the shading on top using light grey, if you're doing a non-shadded one use one orange and don't use the light grey.
  4. Finish the outline of it's face
  5. Finishing it off by adding the white beads

Step 2: Step Two: Neck/ Leaf "bowtie"/Lower Body

Picture of Step Two: Neck/ Leaf "bowtie"/Lower Body
  1. Finish the outline for the head and "Neck" and fill it up (As shown on pic 1 &2)
  2. Outline the leaf "bowtie" with dark green and using black for the details, or if you're doing a non-shaded one you can use just one green.
  3. Outline with brown part of it's lower body.
  4. Fill the "bowtie" with a lighter green, if it is non-shaded just use the green you use for the outline.
  5. Fill the lower body with brown beads, if it is non-shaded use light brown.

Step 3: Step 3: Belly

Picture of Step 3: Belly

This part can be done with either light grey or white depending if you decided to do the shading or non-shaded Rowlet. So just outline the belly and then fill it up.

Step 4: Step 4 (Final): Legs

Picture of Step 4 (Final): Legs

To end it up do the legs using the two oranges as shown in the picture, but once again if you're doing the non-shaded one just use one of the colors. Then tape it up and iron it like you would normally do!

And with this you're done!

Make sure to take a picture and send it to use via twitter or email! We love to see your creations and make sure to pay a visit to our others instructables and our youtube channel for more DIY tutorials and gaming videos.


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