Frameless Floating Hanging Pictures on Wall (0,00€ / 0,00$)





Introduction: Frameless Floating Hanging Pictures on Wall (0,00€ / 0,00$)

easy costless

Step 1:

Hi,I just wanted hang some pics in he room of my kids and I was somehow in a hurry (dont ask why)
so what you will need:
- a wall to hang on  :)
- some pictures or photos(I used Comics covers and some superheroes illustrations)the pics or photos "must" be printed on hard paper (at least 100g)
-a piece of foam, empty match boxes...wathever with at least 1,5cm thickness
-double face tape
the process, I think, is easy to understand (the pics helping :)Enjoy

Step 2:




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    4 years ago

    sure it helps :) thanks. By the way : a new picture with the wall finished.

    It's sold at office supply stores like Staples, Office Max, etc. Teachers use it to stick papers on the wall. It looks like white gum. Hope this helps.

    You are probably right about the tape.
    My wall is paint with an acrylique (water based) paint, so it does not tear appart even if you try, but for oil based paints it may cause problems.
    What tacky stuff are reffering to?

    Great idea. It looks very professional as well. I think I might opt for the tacky stuff that teachers use in the classroom. That double sided tape will tear the paint off the wall when you try to remove it. Otherwise, awesome idea.