Picture of Rubber Band Bracelets
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Step 1: Materials:

Picture of Materials:
Rubber bands( about 18-20) Some sort of clasp

Step 2: Clasp

Picture of Clasp

Step 3: Step 1:

Picture of Step 1:
Fold rubber bands in half to get a crease to give you a idea of wear the middle is.

Step 4: Step 2:

Picture of Step 2:
Take a straight piece of rubber band hen take your folded one and put it through.

Step 5: Step 3:

Picture of Step 3:
Keep repeating the step before this.

Step 6: Almost Finished!

Picture of Almost Finished!
Keep repeating that step until you have one rubber band left

Step 7: Clasp

Picture of Clasp
When you have one left put the two pieces of the one rubber band in a part of the clasp. Then take the flat rubber band in the other part of the clasp.

Step 8: Done

Picture of Done