Introduction: Rubber Band Bracelets.

This is a video I put together on how to make bracelets out of tiny hair elastics. =]


pgravance (author)2013-07-28

This is awesome!Great idea!

kiwi13754 (author)2011-01-29

so cool

onrecess (author)2010-12-05

Great idea! Monday morning my class is making these!

baba87 (author)2010-11-08

neat... my niece wears those a lot maybe I can snatch a few and make some for her :)

jumpertoad (author)2009-10-10

this is to easy!

SPYBOOM (author)jumpertoad2010-11-07

ur jealous

SPYBOOM (author)2010-11-07

AWESOME i just made a clothes pin one

peacemonger09 (author)2009-10-02

I liked this! I'm going to try making a bracelet with my grandaughter. She'll love it!

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