Step 1: Step 1

You can buy a pack of connectors that you can buy at A.C.More or Annt other craft store

Step 2: Step 2

And then you loop One of the bands around the connectors like a loop

Step 3: Step 3

Then you keep on looping it unitl u think its ready

Step 4: Yay!

And then tie it on the connector and where it and show it of to you're friends!
i can make my own
You can't buy them their only at ACMore sorry
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Yeah sorry
So cool
Ya the pics were so blury<br/>Can you buy those connectors at office max<br/>
Thanks for commenting !
Yeah I was in the car sorry ha!
I like your instructable! Thanks for sharing! Make more and I think it will be great if you make photos more in focus )))
I'm so happy my first book is published!

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