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Whenever the “music” theme rolled around in Cub Scouts, I would teach my boys how to make a rubber band kazoo for our homemade instrument band. Very easy to make and play. You don’t hum into it like most kazoos. You blow air through it and the rubber band vibrates and creates the sound. Moving the paper tabs allow you a total of 3 notes. Hey, that’s enough to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. So let’s get started.

Step 1:

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  • 2 tongue depressor size craft sticks (mine came colored) (+/- 15cm by 4.5cm)
  • 2 strips of paper the same width and length as the craft sticks
  • Tape
  • Size #64 or 3.5” (9cm) by .25” (0.6cm) rubber band
  • 2 smaller rubber bands (those ones used on rubber band looms or for holding pony tails, will work)

Step 2:

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Hold the 2 craft sticks together.

Step 3:

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Wrap one strip of paper around the two sticks

Step 4:

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and tape the paper to itself.

Step 5:

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Repeat with the second piece of paper.

Step 6:

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Remove one of the sticks, leaving the paper rolls on the remaining stick.

Step 7:

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Take the large rubber band and wrap it end over end around the stick and its papers.

Step 8:

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Place the lone stick up against the rubber banded stick

Step 9:

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and use one of the smaller rubber bands to bind one end of the two sticks together.

Step 10:

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Repeat with another rubber band on the opposite end. Your kazoo is done. Remember to blow between the sticks, and adjust the paper slides to make different notes, the closer together the higher the pitch. It makes me happy. Enjoy!

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ChristinaN2 (author)2015-02-17

Could you demonstrate? Where do you blow, how do you adjust the paper to make the different notes? This looks so cool!

_MC_Squared_ (author)2015-02-05

Good Idea!

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