Shoots pen innards 65 feet!!

WARNING: Do NOT aim at any person or animal it could cause serious injuries.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Materials needed:


Pen (only the tube and the part with the ink)

Rubber bands

Tape ( Duct Tape or Electrical)

Utility knife or scissors

Step 2: Build!

  1. Lay pen on pencil approx. center
  2. Wrap you tape diagonally both ways around pen and pencil
  3. Cut a rubber band with your knife or scissors
  4. Tape the rubber band to both ends of the pencil. Your rubber band should be very tight
  5. I taped the ends up because my rubber band kept slipping out this prevented it from continuing.

Step 3: Load and Shoot

Load you pen innards into the pen barrel.

Pull the rubber band pack and grab the pen and pull back. Then let go.

Shot from chest height I got mine to shoot roughly 65 feet!!

<p>Hey, nicely done. Just be careful with this! </p>
<p>Yes you have to be careful and definitely do not aim at others.. </p>

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