Introduction: Rubber-Band Powered Altoids Boat Video

This is the video for my instructable: Rubber-Band Powered Altoids Boat Which I entered in the Klutz Rubber Band Powered contest.
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potatochemist (author)2010-09-02

can u please tell me how do u make it?

he has a instructable just go look at it its should be below the vid

will0w222 (author)2011-01-06

he means to eat giant alltoids from a giant altoid can and make one he can ride in

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-18

wat is the paper u used

Air_Assassin (author)2010-12-04

send people letters at sea

popscott3 (author)2010-10-01

AWSOME I wanna make one now!

SirNoodlehe (author)2010-03-15

So simple
thanks - Im gonna make it

Adfeiliad (author)2010-02-21

I think its slick and will be using this in my "be the favorite auntie" campaign! Thanks ^_^

3642832 (author)2009-04-16

he meanes the instructable

keylimepie2009 (author)2009-04-01

why didnt u finis it

What do you mean?

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