Rubber Band Shooter





Introduction: Rubber Band Shooter

You need nothing but your hand and a band to go gun slinging around the house or office.

Step 1:

choose your rubber band and prepare your hand.

Step 2:

load one end of rubber band between pinky and palm.

Step 3:

loop other end of band around behind your thumb while making pistol with your hand.

Step 4:

hook loose end of rubber band on your forefinger - now you are loaded.


  • nice way to get frie...-ngc416

    ngc416 made it!


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Today I increase my "dangerousity" x100 :D Simple, nice, clear instructable :D My friends will hate you.

NICE very fun, i made a target yay, brilliant intractable, very clear and simple steps 10/10

From my experience as a kid in the 60s, the secret to accurate flight is to put 'differential tension' on to both sides of the rubber band, so the band spins in flight. In other words, if you ping the band on one side you hear a low note and on the other side you hear a high note.

i made it i just need a smaller rubber band

You need a #Bowslinger. Nice writeup, and very clear pics. Great Instructable!

i didnt knew this .

thank you.


I am sorry but we all know this

I am not a mean person so I will give you 2.5*

How do you know that everyone knows this? Do you know everything? I'm pretty sure you don't. I personally did know a trick similar to this, but hadn't used it for a while, so it was a good refresher. Anyway its better than the standard slingshot style. I give your comment a 0.01 out of 100.