Picture of Rubber Band Shooter
You need nothing but your hand and a band to go gun slinging around the house or office.
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Step 1:

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choose your rubber band and prepare your hand.

Step 2:

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load one end of rubber band between pinky and palm.

Step 3:

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loop other end of band around behind your thumb while making pistol with your hand.

Step 4:

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hook loose end of rubber band on your forefinger - now you are loaded.
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cool i like it

uh cool knex, I didn't know how to do this
JamesV111 months ago

i made it i just need a smaller rubber band

wmakin1 year ago

You need a #Bowslinger. Nice writeup, and very clear pics. Great Instructable!

i didnt knew this .

thank you.


cool knex133 years ago
I am sorry but we all know this

I am not a mean person so I will give you 2.5*
How do you know that everyone knows this? Do you know everything? I'm pretty sure you don't. I personally did know a trick similar to this, but hadn't used it for a while, so it was a good refresher. Anyway its better than the standard slingshot style. I give your comment a 0.01 out of 100.
monsterlego4 years ago
oh man Ive been doing this for years, highly recommended!
lhayes113 years ago
Thanx, I learnt how to do this ages ago but forgot almost instantly. BTW my freind Shaun made a pen-ink shooting crossbow gun thing out of a couple of texta lids, one hollow texat and a rubber band.
jlumpkin13 years ago
I already know how to do this for 6years
cstringer13 years ago
blorjar4435 years ago

A rubber band war was started in my school a while ago, and the paper wasps dont really sting me and i sell rubber bands and wasp ammo but took my little business "underground" so the princible wouldn't catch me.

cool, at my school, you would get an after school 1 hour detention for shooting a paperwasp at someone, if the teachers catch you that is
mebuildgunz5 years ago
col lol :-<)
oh no fair you stole my idea:{
EVERYONE does it. this is just for those dudes who dont know what to do and have never gone out of the house.
if your rubber band is too small, then you wont be able to hold up your thumb
num chuck5 years ago
sharlston6 years ago
nice ible its really cool and well written :)
loltae6 years ago
good times...goood times...
Jupitane6 years ago
Hey man! Great instructable! Its all clear to me now...... did i say that out loud?
Yeah, we used to do runbberband wars in school. Loads of people worked out how to go multi-shot but I would stick to one band but rather then lead with my index finger I'd use the thumb of my OTHER hand (positioned as if holding an invisible vertical grip, sort of) and then extend forward. The result is a far more stretched rubber band which achieves MUCH more range and power; regualr rubber band war sniper I was. :P
oh man, same thing happened at my school but with paper wasps. My friends and i waged about 2 campaigns against different groups. and frig those things sting like hell.
I got hit in the eye before. It hurts more than you could even imagine.
Hudmaster6 years ago
the best thing you can do with a spare rubber band: this
lowe Hudmaster6 years ago
or put the rubber band on a knex gun
Hmmm... Is this one of the oldest Instructables on the site?
This seems to have brought back many memories...
bop968 years ago
my dad has been doing that back in the 50's
andrew1018 years ago
ive known this trick for years its not that great
Yeah, I have too. It;s not that great.
Maxaxle888 years ago
Whoa, cool! Be careful, though.
samphex8 years ago
finally a better technique than using index and thumb. Thanks.
randName8 years ago
I'm very good at aiming with this. My error zone is 10cm
darkwolf7499 years ago
If u like dis, u should do the pencl rubber band shooter thing!
Ah... but have you guy hear of the three-shooter hand rubber band gun... http://www.therubberband.info/hand_shooting.php
ll.139 years ago
old hat verry old granddad
Joe939 years ago
xamox9 years ago
Yeah I've known this technique since I was a kid. You want to really get dangerous put the rubberband between your pinky and thumb, stretch it as far and possible, take a paper clip and unfold it until there is one hook left. Hook on that rubber band and launch, they go quite far.
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