Introduction: Rubber Band Shooting Knex Mini Pistol

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It's a simple gun I decided to build

Step 1: Body

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Step 2: Trigger

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The white piece is the safety, pullout when ready to fire, and twist the white/purple connector on the trigger, therfore letting the trigger slide through the path, releasing the rubberband.


DjJosh98 (author)2013-04-12

Thanks, ill keep that in mind for my next projects

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-04-11

Pretty nice.

I guess it is alright, but I would suggest you add stats. Elaborate. Also, if you build bigger projects, you might get more "appreciation." =D

DjJosh98 (author)2013-04-10

Cool, thanks

The Usurper of Darkness (author)2013-04-10

I just made it, I added you as the original creator

The Usurper of Darkness (author)2013-04-10

That looks tight, mind if I improve it a bit

The Usurper of Darkness (author)2013-04-10

No problem, bro

DjJosh98 (author)2013-04-10

Sure, just make sure to add me as the OG creator

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